Who Am I?

Hey! I'm Viren Khandal. I’m currently a second year student at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Computer Science and Applied Math. Outgoing and detail-oriented, I enjoy designing and developing multi-platform applications using a multitude of programming frameworks and love exploring various new technologies. Building a strong intuition of software development and data analysis has peaked my interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Outside of computer science, I enjoy playing chess and solving Rubik’s cubes!

Data Mining and Analysis

Machine Learning

Software Development

Application Design

Rubik's Cubes Solved

My Skills

With a diverse array of skills, I am capable of delivering perfection at any stage of the software development pipeline.







Cloud-based Computing







    Relevant Coursework
  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (CS 61A)
  • Data Structures (CS 61B)
  • Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory (CS 70)

  • Designing Information Devices and Systems I & II (EE 16A/B)
    • Relevant Coursework
    • Multivariable Calculus (MATH 53)
    • Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory (CS 70)
      Relevant Coursework
    • Data Mining and Analysis (STATS 202)
    • Client-Side Internet Technologies (CS 193C)
      Relevant Coursework
    • Advanced Placement Physics C: Mechanics
    • Advanced Placement Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
    • French Language and Culture Level 1 - 4
      Relevant Coursework
    • Developing AI Applications on Azure
    • Introduction to Programming with MATLAB
    • Data Science Math Skills
    • California Seal of Biliteracy (French)

    Work Experience

    Undergraduate Researcher at CoolClimate Network Jan 2020 - Present

    • Conducting research for EcoDataLab to identify carbon footprints in California census tracts
    • Mined and analyzed data from the US Census Bureau to create comprehensive and analytical maps
    • Using machine learning techniques in Python and R to streamline data visualization process

    Mentor at Computer Science Mentors Jan 2020 - Present

    • A student organization geared toward providing group tutoring for Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) courses at UC Berkeley to 2000+ undergraduate students
    • Hold weekly tutoring session to teach students about concepts revolving around linear algebra, circuit analysis, and machine learning
    • Present conceptual topics, such as Eigen-Analysis and Op-Amp Review, in monthly review sessions to 150+ students

    Backend Developer at WhatElse.io Sept 2019 - Feb 2020

    • Designed and developed Python-based web app
    • Utilized Flask and Jinja to create an interactive dashboard
    • Pitched start-up to 100+ VC firms and investors at official Berkeley SkyDeck Demo Day

    Software Engineer Intern at ON.Lab June 2018 - Dec 2019

    • Development work to enhance UI for key Internet Service Providers
    • Execute and monitor UI with JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX and create unit/node tests to validate Interface Modules
    • Prepare training documentation related to GUI usage and testing

    Web Developer at AWS June 2016 - Oct 2019

    • Deployed code and various functions of Amazon Web Services
    • Published Alexa Skills and various other Projects
    • Worked with current AWS employees to complete work projects
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